Some Day I will Be ...

By Alazay

I have a Dream I want to be a designer because I love to sew. I'd love to sew new clothes for myself. My family enjoy it if I create new pillows for the bedrooms.It would be nice idea to sew gifts for other, I'd sew their name on the pillow ,blanket, and shirts.

I'd also sew sweaters for my brother.My grandma I'd make her a pillow so she could rest her back on it. In order to be a designer, I'd need to attend sewing clases . My teacher says that I need to go to design school. That sounds lots of fun!! Also I need to save a lot of money. I hope my dream comes true I cant what to be a designer when I grow up !!!!!!!I cant wait to to be a designer.

I will thank all the people who helped me be a designer. The people that I want to thank is my family, and my frendes to.