Someday I Will Be

By Hailey

Someday I Will Be...

Someday I will be a piano player. Piano is my favorite instrument to play. When I first started to play the piano it was very difficult, but I got the hang of it after four months. I have to learn a lot of hand positions. Also the letters for the notes, letters A through G. And I also have to learn finger numbers. Soon I will learn how to play an actual song on the piano.

Music is my passion and inspiration. I enjoy playing the piano because whenever I am stressed, when playing it releases my stress. Playing the piano is very fun, but sometimes difficult. I get this question a lot saying, why I play the piano. I got inspired by my favorite singer, Freddie Mercury. Piano is fun and all, but it takes lots of practice and especially patience.

I started to play the piano in January, and I can't wait to play an actual song on the piano. And next year in January, 2015 I will have a piano recital. When I grow up I want to be a musician.