Some day I will be?


Someday I will be a race car driver because my dad drives fast car.Sometimes I go in the car and it is just like you are in a roller coaster because it vibrates.The car was so fast that the car alarm came on and the neighbors got mad. Sometimes it is fun to get in a race car. But first I have to pass middle school, high school,college.One day I will race my dad.

The paint I am going to use is camouflage because when I am a adult,I will go to Mexico so I can see my grandpa and show him my car (I will hide from the cops so they can not find me).It is going to be a nice paint job.

If my car is in a car cash, I will buy a new car. Every time I earn money ,I will buy a new car. I will never sell my car. Thats what will happen when I be a race car driver.