Someday I'll be an Adult

by Jelani

Someday I will be an adult. I plan to go to Kansas University and graduate. When you're an adult,the best part is that you get to watch anything you want! Anything! I'd probably watch kids' shows because I'm not allowed to watch some programs that I want to watch. I'd also be able to drive and driving looks really fun! I would also get to go to my friend's house anytime I want. In conclusion, when you're an adult you get to make your own decisions.

When I'm an adult I want to have two children. I would make the rules for all of my kids to follow. My list of rules would look like this:

Rule Number 1: You may watch anything you want kid friendly

Rule Number 2: No fighting. If there is a problem, tell a grown-up.

Rule number 3: Every year buy each other a present Christmas and birthdays.

Of course, I might make more rules... when I'm an adult.

Until I'm an grown up , I'll make the most of my time as a child. After all I won't be one ever again.