If i became a veterinarian I would be very happy helping little sick animals get better. The reason I want to be a Veterinarian is because I love animals and seeing animals just as sick as humans makes me sad. So if I become a veterinarian, I will cure sick animals that cant cure them selves. When I was 9, I had 2 cats and I love them very much. But when they got sick, I would look on the internet to see how to help my cats. We did not have much money, so I had to cure our cats.

Although I enjoyed heling my cat, it was hard to Find how to cure them. I decided,after searching for a cure for my cats illness, I thought it would be fun to help other people help their pets. Of course, I will have finish collage in order to become a Veterinarian.

To become who I want to become, I have to work hard to learn about animals.

When I retire I will already know all about animals that I wanted to.( Guess what my 1st and 2nd favorite animals are. see if you can catch it in this paragraph) I will be happy when I retire because I would have helped so many animals in my day. I honestly dont know if I am going to have a dog or be a cat lady.(Did you get it?...... My 1st favorite animal is a ..... DOG And my 2nd favorite animal is a..... CAT. Good job!)

Now that you know me, would you like to be my friend?