Someday I Will Be

By Ruthie

I want to be a teacher when I grow up because my teachers have been absolutely incredible that they inspired me to become one. I think that if you're a teacher and you're reading something from a book, you sometimes learn something.

I would also like to be a teacher because I love children, I'm not very introverted, but not very extraverted either. So, if my class goes berserk I won't be very bothered. Kids are very kind and sweet just like my friends.

If I do become a teacher when I grow up, I think my students and I would make a good team. Like Jesse Jackson said " When we turn to each other and not destroy each other, that's victory. When we build each other and not on each other, that's victory." I think he is trying to say that if my class and I work together, then we won't fight and cause problems. Teaching is wonderful!!!!!!! I can't wait to teach!