Someday I Will Be...

By Brianna

Someday I will be a successful person.I will be successful because I will be a professional gymnastics coach.I will have a lot of fun coaching children.I will try to achieve this goal at age 25.Their are many reasons why I want to be a professional gymnastics coach.I know it will not be easy,but I will never stop trying.This is my long term goal.

When am a gymnastics coach I will do amazing things. I will make children laugh and have fun.Since I will be a gymnastics coach I want to inspire children to be not good but great and amazing gymnast. My inspiration such as my family and my coaches help me a lot to achieve my dream. I love gymnastics.

This goal will take a long time, but I knowI can do it. Some people say that their dreams are impossible,but Nelson Mandela once said, "It always seems imposible until it is done." This quote is my true inspiration.I hope I can be a profesional gymnastics coach one day.