1. Download the Family Tree Excel file by clicking on the link familytree.

  2. Go into Downloads and double-click on the file and it will open in Excel.

  3. Save the file to your folder: File, Save As, Documents (left sidebar), Student Folders, [your name], Save Button

  4. Expand the screen.

  5. Change zoom to 100%

  6. Type your first and last name in cell C2

  7. In cell E20, type Me

  8. In cell E19, type your first and last name

  9. In cell D12, type father

  10. In cell D11, type your father's name

  11. In column C, type in your grandparent's names and relationships to you. Be sure you put your father's parents connected to your father, and your mother's parents connected to your mother.

  12. In column B, list your great-grandparents.

  13. Save file.

  14. Print preview file to make sure it fits on one page.

  15. Print file.