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Bald Eagle

What Do Bald Eagles Eat? The Bald Eagle hunts and eats other small animals. They mostly eat fish such as salmon or trout, but they also eat small mammals like rabbits and raccoons.

Where Do Bald Eagles Live? They like to live near lakes and oceans, and in areas that have a good supply of food to eat and trees to make nests.

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Blue Whale

What Do Blue Whales Eat? The main diet of Blue Whales is krill and copepods.

Where Do Blue Whales Live? Blue Whales live in all the world's oceans.

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What Do Cats Eat? Indoor cats will eat cat food or treats. If it is an outside cat, then they will catch mice, small birds or any other type of small creature.

Where Do Cats Live? Cats usually live in houses with people. When cats are born and live in the wild, they are called "feral" cats.

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What Do Dogs Eat? Dogs like to eat meat and dog biscuits. They can also eat human foods such as: cheese, melons, sunflower, peanut butter, bananas, apple slices, green beans, and baby carrots.

Where Do Dogs Live? Dogs usually live in a houses or yard with people. When dogs get lost or they are abandoned, they are called "stray" dogs.

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What Do Ducks Eat? Ducks eat both plants and animals. They mostly eat all kinds of seeds, small fish, insects, frogs, and fish eggs

Where Do Ducks Live? Ducks fly south for the winter and then back north for the summer so they are always warm. They live near water, like lakes and ponds.

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What Do Elephants Eat? They eat mostly grass, tree leaves, flowers, wild fruits, twigs, shrubs, bamboo and bananas.

Where Do Elephants Live? In Africa, elephants live on the Savanna. In India, elephants live in the forest.

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Giant Panda:

What Do Giant Pandas Eat? Giant pandas mostly eat bamboo, but they will sometimes eat eggs, some small animals, and other plants.

Where Do Giant Pandas Live? Giant pandas live in the forests of China where there is a lot of bamboo.

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What Do Giraffes Eat? They use their long necks and tongues to get to leaves on trees. Their favorite types of leaves are from the Acacia tree.

Where Do Giraffes Live? Giraffes live on the Savanna in Africa.

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What Do Gorillas Eat? Gorillas eat plants like leaves, fruit, and bamboo. Sometimes they will eat insects, especially ants.

Where Do Gorillas Live? Gorillas live in the forest or in a swamp. Some live in the mountains and some live in the lowland.

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What Do Horses Eat? Horses mostly graze on hay and grasses. They also like apples and carrots. Sometimes they are fed corn or oats.

Where Do Horses Live? Most horses live in a corral or barn and people need to feed and care for them. There are some horses that live out in the wild.

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What Do Lions Eat? Lions eat meat. Some of their favorite prey includes water buffalo, antelope, wildebeest, impala, and zebras.

Where Do Lions Live? Lions live on the Savanna in Africa or in the forest in Asia. If they are in captivity, they live in a zoo or wild animal park.

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What Do Penguins Eat? Penguins mostly eat fish, but they can also eat krill, squid, crustaceans, and octopus.

Where Do Penguins Live? Most penguins live down South in Antarctica. Some penguins may live in New Zealand, Australia, and the Falkland Islands.

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Polar Bear

What Do Polar Bears Eat? Polar mainly eat seals, but polar bears also eat other things like small animals and berries

Where Do Polar Bears Live? Polar bears live up North in the freezing Arctic. In the winter they live on ice, and in the summer they live on land.

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What Do Sharks Eat? Younger sharks eat other fish like tuna. Older sharks prey on sea lions, and seals, and other animals.

Where Do Sharks Live? Sharks are found in all the oceans in cool waters close to the coast.

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What Do Tigers Eat? Tigers will eat most any animal it can catch, like water buffalo, deer, and wild boar.

Where Do Tigers Live? Tigers live in tropical rain forests and swamps in Asia.

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