Literary Genres

A genre is a group or collection of books with a similar theme or style. Following are descriptions of various genres.

bullet Fantasy books are a type of fiction that contain elements such as characters or settings that could not exist in life as we know it today. Examples include characters such as dragons or animals with human characteristics. Settings might be magical or other-world.
bullet Realistic fiction books are stories that could happen, but that did not really happen. They are usually set in present-day. Characters encounter modern day difficulties and dilemmas. Realistic fiction includes mysteries, adventure stories, humorous stories, and much more.
bullet Nonfiction books are informational books written by credible authors. Nonfiction books explain how things work, tell facts about many different topics, and show us how to do various things.
bullet Folktales are stories that have been passed down to us over the years by real people. There are many types of folktales, including fables, tall tales, myths, and fairy tales. This type of book can be found in the nonfiction area of our library.  
bullet Fables are brief stories that teach a lesson or moral. The characters are usually animals, but they are given human characteristics. An example of a fable is "The Fox and the Grapes."
bullet Tall Tales are folktales that have a key element of exaggeration, such as Paul Bunyan.
bullet Fairy Tales usually have magical elements with characters that could be fairies, giants, or elves. Many times magical deeds are performed. Cinderella is an example of a fairy tale.
bullet Myths are stories that serve to explain some phenomenon of nature. Many incorporate gods and goddesses within the story. The story of King Midas is a myth.
bullet Biographies are histories of a person's life or parts of his/her life. A biography that is written by a person about his/her own life is called an autobiography.