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Welcome to the Computer Lab Web Page!laptop

Online Typing Tutor Games
Destroy Ghosts by Typing Words on Them
Cup Stacking Game
Balloon Typing Game
Keyboard Climber
Typing Exercises
Copy text while a clock times your speed

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Science Videos

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Giving Credit to Sources

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  • Label the Body Parts Activity Starts out easy but gets more difficult the longer you play. See if you can beat the third level, which is internal organs.

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Quizlet Lessons

K Shapes Slideshow Listen and then repeat the word

Days of the Week Mandarin video about days of the week

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Kids Safe Search Engines

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Free Learning Source Website

GCF Learn

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Reading and Writing

Smart Tutor Reading Games

Story Builder at Squigly's Playhouse 3rd and 4th grade

Word Scramble at 4th and 5th grades

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Cool Math Websites

APlusMath   Math is Fun   AAA Math   Eduplace Math   Math Magician   Harcourt Math Activities
Kahn Academy - Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra
Kahn Academy - Algebra - Classroom Capers - Puny's Pet Shop - Pizza Pizzaz
Smart Tutor Math Games
Mr. Anker Tests
A lot of good math websites here - good reference site for Math Terms


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spaceCool Space Websites

Science Quizzes

JLab Science  Fill in reading passages about science subjects

Past Unit Resources

Websites and Information


Student Work

Camacho Class Web Pages

Liu Class Web Pages

Camacho t-shirt project pictures

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Substitute Lesson Plan Websites

K - Multiple Meaning Online quiz about multiple meaning words that needs headphones

1 and 2 - Online activity about sequence of events (must be able to read paragraphs, or have teacher read to students)

3 - Read Aesop's fables

3 - Fable videos (requires headphones)

5 - Video clip (1:25) about summarizing

5 - Read short paragraphs and then select the answer that summarizes the paragraph


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Elements of a Fairy Tale

Three Bears Slideshow

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Ergonomics of Using a Computer

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