California Indian Webquest

Third Graders:  Your quest is to go on a scavenger hunt on websites to find answer to questions about California Indians.  Your quest is not only to find the answer, but also to say how you found the answer.  We want you tell which website you would look in, and why.  You will work in groups of 2, 3, or 4 and your teacher will hand out a Webquest form for you each to complete while collaborating with your group. I hope you have been practicing those collaboration skills?  For some questions, would it be helpful if the group discussed the answer together before answering it? On other questions, would it be more efficient if group members each took a separate question and looked for the answer and then shared it?  Why?

A. California Native Americans

B. California Indian History by Region

C. California Indian Fact Cards by Group

D. California Indian Food and Culture

E. California Indian Boats

F. History of Chumash Tribe

G. Chumash Myths, Dances and Music

H. Chumas Tribal Government

I. Native American Clothing

J. Native American Stories