1. Go to the website to create a Word Cloud by clicking on the link that says Word Cloud for Kids.

  2. Click on Click to Start at the bottom

  3. As the first entry, type your name two times. Put a tilde in between your first and last name (see next step). If you put it two times, it will show up larger than the rest of your words.

  4. If you want to put more than one word, you need a tilde between them. The tilde will not show up, but it will keep the words together. For example, if you want to say 2nd grade, you will type 2nd~grade.

  5. Type at least 8 words (for example soccer) or phrases (for example: likes~to~cook) that show what you are about or what is important to you. You can put adjectives to describe you, you can put the people in your family, you can say things that you like, sports, you name it! What makes you special? Press return after each word or set of words.

  6. Save your word cloud (see instructions below). If it is your second word cloud, call it Wordcloud2 DO NOT PRINT yet

Here are more instructions and how to save it to your student folder: